Monday, March 23, 2009

We are all off the market!

Catie has actually been off the market for a while...she and Dave eloped last November. This weekend was the party.

Sara and I took the train down. We have that down to a science...pack a dinner, download some SouthPark episodes on the ol' iPod, and whip out travel scrabble when we are ready to restart our brains. Fun, relaxing and cheap (well, cheap because we get our tickets paid for with 'Amtrak points'. And by 'cheap', I mean 'free').

The weekend worked out in an amazing way...train, free; room, free....we stayed at moms; vehicle, free...thanks to a loaner from these ladies; food (mostly free at the folks'... I did buy a round and some snack at the bar for the cousins, I was the oldest cousin out...its kind of my job) but the best part? It was fun.

And very beautiful, with great food and my camera battery died. However, I did manage to get pre-party pics, some of which are posted here.

Besides the pre-party pics, making sure Dad didn't freak out I had one other job (which I volunteered for)...a toast. Here it is: 'Like a welcomed summer rain, humor can cool the earth, the air and you.' (nice things welcoming Dave to the family, then...) To laugh every day is to love everyday! Cheers!

I was going to end with "I love you" etc, but I started to tear up, so I had to pull up and bail out. But it was good. If there had been a contest, I think I would have won. Sara thought so too.

As you can tell, there was NO WAY it could have been a mediocre party with this cupcake tower!

Congrats Catie and Dave!
"Hi. How are you?"


Syd said...

awww, that's very nice.


sageweb said...

That is sweet and I love the cupcakes!

roro said...

You would TOTALLY have won! And the prize was clearly that magnificent tower of cupcakes. I don't know how I'm going to get anything done today with the image of those cupcakes taunting me...