Sunday, March 15, 2009

We have got it all...

The morning started with clumps of snowflakes that looked like badminton birdies and were just about as large....and has progressed to a beautiful blue sky.

The workshop was a huge success. I managed to secure a donation from a local biotech company and we gave each girl (425 of them) a fantastic purple stainless steel bottle (how very green of us too). And one of the women from this site showed up as a surprise bonus for one group of girls.

It was my first year volunteering with this group, they were a nice group of women. Its nice to be involved in some outreach again after a long hiatus.

In other news about me, I have been craftily creating lately. And as soon as Sara saw the sewing machine come out...she started stacking up her work shirts needing patches, dress shirts with missing buttons and other miscellaneous projects.

Sigh... there goes craft-time.

Then again, she did pamper me a lot yesterday after the workshop....that is worth a few mended shirts, at least.


Anonymous said...

If I lived out there I would have loved to be a part of that conference!

Syd said...

Glad you enjoyed it . Good thing there are people like you and PixieFlute, because you couldn't pay me to do it. Well, you *could*, but it would have to be a LOT.

Monica said...

Jen,I need a copy of that beautiful pink flower with the blue will look great in your room when you come visit!! :)