Sunday, March 08, 2009

You say parsnip...

... I say horseradish.

Tonight I made a vegetable lasagna. It was made in self-defense. Our next produce box shows up on Tuesday and we had not eaten much of the veggies from last weeks box.

No problem, I can get creative... tomato sauce with shredded carrots, parsnips and leeks. Cottage cheese pureed with garlic, broccoli and egg. Pan-grilled eggplant, fresh buffalo mozzarella and noodles to finish it off.

It was gorgeous. [I am in love with Ronzoni Oven Ready lasagna noodles. Yes, I tried these because they came out on top in the Cooks Illustrated comparison....and they are all that.]

When I tasted my beautiful lasagna, however, it was quite interesting. I recognized the flavor, but couldn't place it.

Sara nailed it though. "Tastes like horseradish." Bingo!...and WTF?!

I thought maybe I had had another round of "looks like a spaghetti squash, tastes like a boiled melon" but upon further research...I think I just have very strong tasting parsnips. I guess we will find out tomorrow if its too spicy to eat by then.

And the whole reason we ended up in a veggie cooking panic? Company. Not just company, good friends. The kind who also think a fun weekend consists of going to REI and then taking travel Scrabble to the gay bar at three in the afternoon....after which we went home early to watch a documentary.

Yep, Not just friends, our people.


Syd said...

If Cook's Illustrated says to use it, by GOD I'll use it. Regardless of what it is.

You know America's Test Kitchen has a show on PBS? I've only seen it once, but it was awesome.

sageweb said...

ANything vegetable does nothing for me...I love the meat. But I do love Horseradish.

Jen said...

Syd- You make a good point: I need to watch more TV!

Sage- You are meat lovers too...but yesterday that seemed like too much work. You may like the horseradish lasagna...despite the veggies. Maybe if we put some chicken McNuggets in it?