Monday, April 20, 2009

Another year wiser?

It was my birthday this last week. Another year wiser. Another good year.

I spent the entire week wearing a sense of entitlement like a coed wears a thong with a muffin top, completely unabashedly.

There was a week of Happy Hours, cupcakes, donuts, flowers, a few gifts (spectacular ones from Ms. Sara), friends, family, phone calls, well wishes and e-notes. It really could not have been nicer.

And like a visit from the perfect house guest, the birthday week has appropriately come to an end.

This weekend we did a little fun work and took a impromptu day trip to Skagit valley to check out the fields of flowers.

Sara the arborist cut down a tree for some friends. I served as ground crew. The pollen from the birch tree nearly rendered me useless, but allergy drugs saved the day. All the butch pictures are here...
The Lorax is a regular attendee of Sara's arborist exploits...he made an appearance this weekend too.

(Please ignore the lack of hard hats and steel-toed shoes. And do not try this at home without supervision)

Sunday we had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed with the paper. When we realized it was going to be a gorgeous day, we decided to hop in the car and head up to Skagit Valley. The whole day was a delight. We had lunch at the Skagit River Brewery, followed by chocolate covered berries on a stick from the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon (Heck Yum!).

Then through the fields, and the decent test gardens.All the photos are here. Sara took over the photo shoot for a while I was in the outhouse, maybe you can tell which ones are hers? Our choice of subject matter differs a wee bit.

We ended our adventure at Deception pass. Wow, it was beautiful. The pics don't do it justice! Ok, that is all from the Sunny Pacific Northwest. It was my birthday last week, so everyone hug the ones you love this week.

Do it. Its what I want for my birthday. I am entitled.


Syd said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Sara's job scares me to death. said...

Happy belated!!

sageweb said... the pictures..Sara's pictures are perfect, I know which one she took..I think she thinks like me.

tysgirl said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great one!

weese said...

happy birthday!!

we did some chainsawing around here too this weekend. tho an ice storm brought down our birch.

Anonymous said...

You ladies really do know how to have fun!

Happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a perfect week!

LilliGirl said...

Awesome pics, Happy Birthday and yes, now that you mention it I do see a slight difference in composition there. ;)

...And no judging coming from the woman who mows the lawn in flip flops. lol

Jen said...

Thanks for the birthday love! You all rock!

LostInColor said...

happy late birthday!

roro said...

Happy Birthday weeks later! You know, I think it's best when you're still getting birthday wishes two weeks after the birthday - it's just prolonging the joy of your birth!

Love the pictures, esp. of Sarah in action. DANGER!