Thursday, April 09, 2009

Coitus Interruptus

Spring was out in full force this weekend. I wish everyone could have seen all the baby strollers, children and couples with little dogs walking around Green lake on Saturday.... it was glorious, sunny chaos.

On my way back to the car, walking through the neighborhood, I heard a distressed hummingbird call. With our temperate climate, there is (at least?) one type of hummer that is here year around which has a subtle, yet distinctive high-pitched humming while chewing a mouthful of rocks.

I have become particularly adept at hearing the call and finding the bird. So when I heard the hummingbird call that seemed frenzied and stressed, I immediately began searching. My eye caught a flash of iridescent green and red, flapping around in the bushes below somebody's front window.

I cautiously approached, thinking I didn't want to scare a bird that might be injured after hitting the window or tangling with a predator when....ZIP! The brightly colored male I had eyed from the sidewalk, flew up to eye level, paused to check me out and then took off like a flash!

Oh. Nothing was wrong. Hm. And then....ZIP! A dingy female hummer flew up, beat me about the head with her wings and took off!

Ok, she didn't beat me about the head, but the look she gave me made it clear that she was none too happy about the interruption of the cloacal kiss.

And although I feel a little like a voyeur, I am pretty happy to add to the list of animals I personally witnessed having "spring"...which include, in addition to more common creatures, rhinos, worms and now hummingbirds.


Syd said...

I as afraid you saw something through the window. LOL

I saw giraffes do it. His unit was longer than a baseball bat.

Jen said...

Giraffes!? I am jealous.

Maya said...

I love that you recognize a hummingbird call.

frank said...

I have never heard a hummingbird call. That I know of.

weese said...

hmm, is it odd that I have never seen animals having 'spring' (love that term).
o WAIT.. the pigeons in the side yard. i forgot about them... wow were they ever frisky last year.

tysgirl said...

I had to stop my car in our subdivision and wait for a pair of Mocking Birds to finish having spring the other day. They like to live dangerously.