Saturday, April 04, 2009

It hardly seems fair...

...but I suppose I should be accustomed to saying goodbye to friends.

College, grad school, postdocs...are all temporary positions. Transitional phases where one identifies and bonds with their peers, all the while, knowing the next stage will render those friendships long distance.

I am fairly good at long distance now. My friends are my friends despite miles between us... but I prefer to keep my flock close.

So there was one last weekend hurrah with those making their exit from the Pacific Northwest. We made memories, enjoyed friendships and explored new places. The pics are here.

Yes, two couples are abandoning the constant cloud cover and us for the East... I would like to implore the remaining PNW friends to space your departures a bit more carefully.

Godspeed, ladies.


Emphatik said...

poo on you, you made me squirt some. I mean that is the nicest possible way. We will miss you ladies too. Luckily we will always have gaycation to look forward to.

sageweb said...

Great pictures!..Bummer that your friends are moving..that always sux!