Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sara's away and the mice...

...get pedicures. After all, cute toes are a summer must.

M came to town from Cali and we had a girls weekend (Sara was a Grammies doing good works).

This meant pedicures, shopping, eating and adventure.

Friday I dragged M to my department seminar... fortunately she is also a scientist, so it wasn't as torturous as it might have been (or was it more so?)

Then we met up with one of her friends from graduate school (postdoc?) who organizes Science on Tap... one of my (and Sara's) favorite general science venues, despite only having made it to two so far. Who knew my friends were so well connected? Dinner at 3rd Place Pub was delish... Hazelnut brown on tap...my favorite. We turned in early Friday...pedicures at 9am on Saturday means no messing around.

I got up early to bake cinnamon rolls for us, we started the day out right. Then over to Habitude for our morning appointment, after which we spent the morning shopping in Ballard while our toes cured. Lunch at The Other Coast Cafe was amazing, I highly recommend the Reuben.

It was chilly, so we decided to swing by home, drop off our goods, put on shoes and then head out to catch the water taxi to west Seattle. Of course, once we were downtown, we did some shopping and stopped here for sustenance. We needed ENERGY, people!

They hide the water taxi. This is a fact. Seattle wants you to pay lots of money to go on the boat tours instead of $3 for the water taxi (or free with your U-Pass). By the time we found it...we had missed it. No worries. It was right by a Red Robin, so we managed to think of a way to pass the time.

Then we (I) accidentally cut right to the front of the line to board the boat... I would have felt a little bad about this if it had been full, but there was plenty of room on board.

Once we arrived on the other side, the shuttle took us the long way to Alki beach. We could have gone up to the shopping/upper West Seattle area, but Alki seemed more definitively Seattle.

I highly recommend this excursion to both visitors and Seattlites. Be warned, however, the water taxi runs late into the evening Saturday, but the ground shuttle stops running at 7pm. So be prepared to either take the bus back (what we did) or add the 2.5 mile walk back to the dock into your day.

Once back downtown, we had dinner at the Pink Door. Damn. Enough said.

Sunday we kept it low key. Sleeping in, coffee, leftover cinnamon rolls... then made our way down to the Fremont Sunday Market to check out the local crafts. Lunch at Sara's favorite sushi place, and a to go box for her... she drove home in time to meet us at the market, have some lunch and drive us up the hill.

A fabulous weekend...photographic evidence here! And it didn't end there...

After dropping M off at the airport, we headed to The Garage for a farewell party. We bowled a couple games, chatted with friends then left a bit early intending to go straight home and get ready for the coming week.

But we couldn't bear to do chores after being apart all weekend and needed some face time to catch up. So, instead we had fantastic dinner at a local favorite followed by dessert at the best dessert shop in Seattle.

Now that I have written it all out...I don't know how we fit it all in.


Nick said...

Not jealous at all, no,

sageweb said...

Wow you did a lot, I am tired for you now. I love the pink door. I try to go there when I am in town.

LostInColor said...

Wow what a blast! Can I come visit?? oh ya, you still think I am a staulker. :P

PixieFlute said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend!