Monday, May 04, 2009


It must be getting old... all the fun weekend adventures that we have. I get the feeling its getting pretty boring, all the 'rainbow and unicorn' posts on our blog.

Just this one more and then I promise something new... maybe images from work? Want to geek out on some fluorescently labeled cells in the the inner ear?

Friday kicked our weekend off and it was BEAUTIFUL in Seattle. We headed downtown and had dinner at a mediocre restaurant that also has outdoor seating and an amazing view of the sound, the Olympic mountains and ferry boats dotting the scenery. Plus, we had a discount coupon... making the total package well worth it.

With our savings from dinner, we hiked up the stairs from the waterfront for dessert some place closer to our venue.

The Brooklyn was a delight, renown as an oyster bar, we opted for martinis and a chocolate ganache that was out of this world! And sitting at the bar watching the four bartenders muddle, shake and mix was pretty cool.

After dessert, we had about 15-20 minutes before we needed to be at the concert hall... and being SAM members, we stepped inside to check out some of the new pieces. My favorite perk of being a museum member is stopping in for a few minutes when I find a few to spare!

After that, we headed to Benaroya Hall to see a David Sedaris reading. He was such a delight. So genuine, insightful, funny and humble. It was like sitting with a friend...and 2,500 of his friends.

The best part of living in the city, is never having to drive, sit in traffic or park during an evening out.... just hop the bus, chat about the evening, stranger-gaze and we are home.

And that was just Friday.

I will do the rest of the weekend in list form.

Saturday AM: Clean house, fabric store (Jen) and REI (Sara).
Saturday PM: Smith, Hotflash, The Cresent for Karaoke, Hot Mama's Pizza, Dicks
Sunday: Persimmon, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle Center fountain, Hales, a nap, more clean up...whew.

I think we are due for a lull now... maybe even overdue?


sageweb said...

Can you please give us more detail on the erotic festival?

greymatters said...

Leave to pervy Sage to ask for details on the more salient item ...

You wrote:
And sitting at the bar watching the four bartenders muddle, shake and mix was pretty cool.

Oysters? Martinis? I am jealous. Majorly jealous.

And I hear you on the city living. I count it a great week when I realize I've not used my car at all ... niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

LostInColor said...

You are so spoiled!

Boy About Town LB said...

Your blog makes me want to ruch out into the wilderness & hug a tree...kinda!

Maya said...

Good grief! You ARE having fun. In your last two posts, covering 2 weekends, you have done more fun things than I manage to do in a year anymore. Well, someone has to be out there having fun, after all...