Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick update

We finally got the new doors on the laundry closet...and here is a long overdue photo of my lovelies. My precious, precious lovelies.

I know. They are mirrored closet doors, but trust me on this. It works in our living room across from our 10 foot window.

The photos of the process are here.

Drilling through the tile was no easy task... it made me wish we had had a corded drill. Even with the drill bit with a carbide tip, we had to recharge the battery pack 3 times before we got through the tile.
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sageweb said...

Holy moly I was just imagining a door like that for my closet...I am too lazy to do it myself tho...when will you two be able to squeeze me into you home improvement schedule?

weese said...

corded drill is key.
the battery ones are handy for somethings...but i am a firm believer in owning both.

nice job!

weese said...

also... i just want you to know - that because you have to live ALL the way over on that other coast. That i actually have to HIRE a stranger to come climb my maple tree to raise the canopy.

Anonymous said...

That does not look like fun!

Jen said...

Sage, Promises of copious amounts of beer and lesbian comediennes might get you into schedule sooner. FYI.

Weese, I was just sure you would be wowed by our plumber putty dam for keeping the drill cool. Sorry about your tree. You clearly need to move west.

PixFlu, Well, the fun part is having it done...right?

Emily Glenn said...

I love the mirrored doors! Nice job, ladies!

greymatters said...

WTG! Good job.