Monday, May 11, 2009

Set a course for adventure...

The folks, my Dad and My Murry (short for stepmom) are currently walking across the UK.

Don't worry, its the narrow part. Only a couple of hundred miles.

I wish I were there too. What a great adventure! I cannot wait to see the photos!

Updates will be posted as I get them... So far, they arrived safely and have been on foot for two days.

The parents that are not off beaten path came to visit for Mothers Day. However, that will be a post in itself.


sageweb said...

Do they not know about cars, motor scooters, Trains or Planes? There are much easier ways to get across the UK.

Although it does sound like quite an adventure. As long as there are restrooms on the way..I always worry about where I would pee.

Syd said...

That sounds fascinating, although it does make my back hurt thinking about it.

Share any pics you get, kthanxbai.