Monday, June 08, 2009

Catching up: a pictorial

Golden Gardens Park for soft serve, sailboat watching and a sunset...

Mothers Day weekend with both our mothers...everything we tried to do was closed (the museum, the conservatory and the restaurant) but it was fun anyway!

Escape to the coast with my sister and bro-in-law...gorgeous beach camping.

Sunset at Fremont park

This little visitor barely stopped moving long enough for us to get a photo!

This little visitor was used to being in the eye of the camera!

I know this quick recap doesn't do our adventures and visiting justice...but its been busy around our house lately. Maybe sometime soon, I will get a chance to tell you about the raccoon in the vestibule of my sisters tent, the fabulous mothers day brunch chez Jen and Sara, how exhausted we were trying to keep up with 5 year olds and fierce wind and sunset rainbow we saw at the park last week.

For now, you can make up your own stories...they might even be more entertaining than the sneak peeks!


sageweb said...

Since this is a family blog I will skip making my own story up..
This pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You take such great pictures. I really do love that last one, though.

Maya said...

#1. Yes you do take amazing photos!
#2. I am envious of your beach camping trip. Looks amazing and fun.
#3. It is of no surprise, I am sure, to anyone who regularly reads your blog that you guys are the BEST and super fun aunties. Chloe was beside herself with excitement to go to the zoo with you guys, and all her expectations were met, and then some. Thank you!!
#4. In reference to photo of sleeping mom after outings - see it is all relative! 5 year olds can wear you out, but you can wear out sixty-something year olds - right?
: )