Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have a winner!

Well, we sort of have a winner... since there were only two categories, we actually had a tie.... but the photographer with the most first place votes....? Well, its me. (Humble blushing)
Thank you to all the dedicated bloggers who made this Happy Hour beer and appetizer possible (waving to the crowd, smiling). I would also like to thank my family for giving me such a solid foundation and an eye for odd and curious things (holding beer near my heart). But mostly, I would like to thank Sara, my special friend, for paying the bill (raising my glass, gazing lovingly at her, hold smile for applause)!
Its not over. Sara plays to win. Sometimes she plays 15 or 16 times in order to win, which only matters if she is gambling.... but, rest assured, more photo contests will follow!

In other Fun Girls news...we have a NEW(used) CAR!

Its the first time I have owned a car with less than 100K miles on it...then again, I have only ever owned 2 other cars. Its Sara's fourth red car. Our mechanic liked it. We liked it. But probably best feature of all (besides being red) is this....

The BUILT-IN PICNIC TABLE! How cute is that! When I read about that, it was all over! I needed a CRV.

Ok, I don't know when or where I would use that table, but I definitely will be creating a few occasions before I determine it useless.

Anyone for a little picnic? Bring your own chair! Oh, and don't actually put anything on the table, its not very stable.

Sara's brilliant tradition is to go out for a fancy dinner when you get a new car... because what is another 100 bucks or so when you just bought a car? Nothin'!

So last night we DROVE to Ray's and had a fabulous dinner overlooking the bay. We would have stayed for dessert, but the view was making us hot... the too-warm kind of hot, with the slowly setting sun shining on us. So, we DROVE over to Lil' Coney for a soft-serve cone and to watch the sun finish setting. A delightful end to a delightful meal!

Which brings me to the next activity at our house... Selling the Little Red Wagon.

Anyone interested in a well-taken-care-of 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon? 295,000 miles, 110,000 on a rebuilt engine, clutch replaced in 2002. 32-37mpg (seriously, it rocks) cruise control, air conditioning cold as ice, full sized spare, chains and a Yakima bike rack.

She rides a little low, as the struts are worn... which is what made us finally decide to get a different car... this old girl wasn't making it up the dirt roads to the trail heads anymore.

This weekend we are taking our new ride to visit Grandma and listen to some music at the Toppenish Whistlestop Music Festival. Warm weather, good music and festival food vendors... that is summer!

We should probably take the little red wagon and give her her last wax job... but, no. I am driving the new car. We have fuel efficiency to estimate, traveling mode to optimize and we will likely be having a little picnic.... on our fancy integrated little picnic table.


Nick said...

Ooooh, shiny!

Does this mean that you've resolved our road clearance issues for the Labor Day hiking trip?

sageweb said...

Congrats on the photo win!!
also that is one purty car.
I love the picnic table accessory.

Syd said...

Hey, that's a GREAT car! Congrats.

e said...

It came with a picnic table? Is that standard or did the previous owner throw it in as an incentive?

I like red, too!

Zoe said...

Love the new car. CRVs were on our list when we bought our new car. The picnic table was definitely one of the cool features that drew us in.

weese said...

sweet ride.

Anonymous said...

Cute new car!!! I can't get over the mileage on your old one! I'm stressing about Fran's car having 80K, that's nothing compared to your old one!

greymatters said...

Cool on the new car! And you cannot go wrong w/ a Honda. I still have my 1989, w/ 180K on it -- and it still purrs like a kitten.

Maya said...

She's a beauty. Truly.
Maybe Catie and Dave would like to buy your wagon? Who knows, that way it could stay in the family?

jammies said...

i have the same car in silver--also with a cool picnic table! happy new car!

frank said...

Looks great! Perfect table for roadside scrabble.

LilliGirl said...

Wanna sell the car for real? How much? If the price is right I may be buying. You can e-mail me from my profile.

Love the table...take your fold up chairs, a coolerandperhaps some cards and you have a whole new competition. :)