Sunday, August 09, 2009

Northern delights

Our absence has not been without thoughts of you, dear blog friends! Here is your much anticipated update.

We headed north this weekend, Sara had her eye doctor check up in the fair city of Vancouver and we took this opportunity to meet up with hilarious and delightful ladies RoRo and Katr.

Basically, I showed up late, immediately borrowed money to plug the Canadian parking meter (who thinks of those things) then ran off to the bathroom with little more than a wave. I know, I am a classy broad.

Then after finding them to be so much fun...I forced them to hang out with me longer, instead of leaving to get their iPhones. A small part of the decision to delay them may have been repressed jealousy...but I am chalking most of it up to the fact that I am slowly and reluctantly becoming my mother.

Regardless, they were the pictures of grace and fun! Sara and I both hope that they will show up late, borrow money, and run off to the bathroom in Seattle soon!

Then we went camping.

We are human. We make mistakes.

One of which was choosing a camp area that folks with 4x4 vehicles can drive to, while cars like the little red wagon, have to park 2.5 miles away. Its really no fun walking up a gravel road WAVING at the people in 4x4's as they drive past, then arriving to find a zillion other 4x4s in the parking lot. Not exactly the solitude we were naively expecting.

But we (Sara) expertly found an isolated site to pitch our tent atop a hill overlooking two valleys. At least, we think it overlooked two valleys...if there had been a brief clearing in the clouds we could have verified that our campsite was as stellar as we thought it was.

We came for the views, were stunned by the flowers and left early because of the drizzle...I guess that sums it up best.

But there's more! Sara has a new camera...thus there is a renewed interest in photo contests.

There is a voting widget at the top of the page in the sidebar and two categories: Landscape and Flowers. Pick your favorite in each category then check out all the photos of the trip (link after the entries...see how sneaky I am?)

The stakes are high this time. In addition to bragging rights, the winner takes the LOSER out for Happy Hour beer.


A: Lanternscape

B: Cloudy mountain views

C: Flowers to the clouds

D: Taking it in

Was it hard to choose? Just make up your mind and VOTE at the top of the sidebar.

And for the FLOWERS category, the entries are:

1: Alpine Hellebore

2: Mountain bouquet

3: Old men of the Mountain

4: Lupine dew

Head back up to the top of the page and vote!

Now that your votes are cast, check out the rest of the photos here!


Sharon said...

Well... you just didn't make that easy. The last two flower photos are just stunning...

Syd said...

I am so jealous that you met Roro and Katr!

The photos are all pretty freakin fabulous.

sageweb said...

great photos..I actually liked them all but it wouldnt let me vote for all of them

Zoe said...

I'm with Syd on this one. But I'm also a wee bit jealous that you camped in gorgeous place.

J at said...

It'll probably hit 100 today in sunny California, so those pictures all look very cool and lovely. Sigh.

mynameiskate said...

It was fabulous to meet you and Sara! We had a great time - I told Roro that it was like I had met you guys before, so I figured that was a good sign.

And we are totally coming to Seattle to borrow money and run off to the bathroom.

roro said...

We had such a great time meeting you - it was just too short!! Also, I think that all our subsequent visits should begin with money borrowing and whizzing. Instant urgency and intimacy!

Your pictures look even sexier on my iPhone...

Anonymous said...

Pics are gorgeous, the fog adds such mystery to them.

Is the header picture new? I love it!

e said...

Ditto what Syd said!

I clicked through the rest of the pix ~ spectacular! I wanted to vote for some of them as well.

All this vigorous backpacking ~ makes me want to get a room at the beach.

Nick said...

For some reason We Are Having So Much Fun dropped off of my blog list so I didn't see this in time to vote, but I vote for the cloudy valley and the rain drops on the leaf.

But actually I vote for all of them.

Deb said...

I want to go!