Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update with photos

Since we bought our new ride, we have been on 4 road trips... which means we have traveled 4 out of the last 4 weekends! Whew!

I don't even have all the pictures unlike me, but most are on our photo in the sidebar.

Here is the rundown...

1. Weekend at Grandmas for the Toppenish Whistlestop Music festival. Our friend E joined us and I did grandmas toes with blue polish and a diamond. Fancy lady! (Pictures aren't uploaded yet)

2. Depoe Bay with Sara's family. Sara went deep sea fishing and caught us some delish fish! The Oregon Coast was stunning and dramatic as always and we got to see whales in the bay.
3. Sara pruned her hand with a hand saw (ha!) and had four stitches...I hate that call from the ER that starts with... "I am ok now...."

4. My Bro flew in from Pittsburgh JUST to go camping with us (us being, Sara, my sister, her hubby and myself). But the weather was rainy ALL weekend (with sleet in the mountains) AND he was sick. So we opted for a weekend at the cabin with scrabble, day hiking and good food instead. Very fun!5. We returned from this trip to water damage in our we have been living with our office moved into our living room and our backpacking stuff spread out everywhere. Needless to say the clutter makes me crazy.

5.5 We also returned from this trip with my brothers illness...which kept us both home for 2 days. Sara's hit hard and fast...mine lingers.

6. We went backpacking with friends, M and L, picked huckleberries and I saw an HUGE meteor Saturday night. It was amazing. Others describe seeing it in the comment section on this site (starting with comment #12) and another description here. Amazing...that is all I can come up with.
And the hiking was great! The beginning of the trip was sunny, then we watched the cloud we were in tumble into the valley and hiked out of the clouds on our way out. We had the perfect post-hike bacon cheeseburger in Carson (who would have thought!)
And this weekend we are home. We will both be working some Sunday, Sara overtime and me catch up.

Maybe we will sort through all the books that came off the office bookshelf and sell the culled ones somewhere...or maybe we will just rest.


sageweb said...

wow what great pictures. You have been having fun.

Nick said...

Sorry about the sniffles, but thanks for a great visit.

And nice title picture.

val said...

Woo hoo! You guys are having adventures - that's awesome.

Syd said...

Is this why your little green Gmail light has been off on Fridays? Thought I didn't notice? :)

Sounds like lots of fun.

frank said...

Great summer and great photos!

weese said...

so this is what happens when you buy a new car. silly me...mine is in the garage.

good job by the way on the limoncello! I bet its way better with home grown lemons.