Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Its October

Yes, already.

We are headed out into the wilderness for one last (cold) backpacking weekend. I can't wait! Hopefully I will get some nice fall color pics to post when we get back....if my fingers still work.

I am busy with my nerdy activities during the week (board meetings, committee meetings, planning meetings and meeting meetings for AWIS, SEYH, SOT). I feel like the missing piece in my life is back again... I dropped science outreach at the end of grad school and just now am getting back into it. I had not realized how much energy I got from being involved in outreach!

I feel like my posse of geeky science women is growing. I am even starting my OWN lady scientist group...I call it IWIS (Imbibing Women in Science). We are the rowdy rogues of the science world!
I wrote a little article about Science on Tap for Seattle AWIS (see how I bring it all together? Tricky, huh?) You can check it out here, if you are so inclined...its a downloadable pdf, be forewarned before you click the for the Fall 2009 issue. (photo is by PGibson)

Thursday I am going to hear Richard Dawkins... I can't wait for that either! Sara and my Dad are coming too...big nerdy fun at our house lately!

That's all I got... for now.

[Addendum: We sold the little red wagon last week. I cried when it drove away. I had had that car for 14 years, put over 200K on it and learned a lot of car lessons in it. I am over it now though... the swanky new(used) car makes it easy to move on!]


sageweb said...

My brain hurts right now.
I love how your piece was beer focused..well sorta...

I also love the fact that there was a future nerd girl named Rosa Parks...Cool name!

e said...

Wow! You really know your dessert and beer pairings! That's a science unto itself. How edifying!

Sounds like you are (having) even more fun...