Monday, November 23, 2009

The calm before the storm...

Actually, there has been no calm...just busy, busy, busy around here.

Sara had a HUGE tree plant event on campus that she coordinated. She was instrumental in having our University designated a 'Tree Campus USA' and securing a donation for $5K in trees.

There were nearly 100 volunteers to coordinate, and an enormous amount of pre-event prep so those volunteers could just walk up, grab a shovel, get some instruction and plant a tree in a pre-located, pre-dug, pre-prepped hole. The sponsor of the event provided food, shirts, hats for all the volunteers.

Needless to say it was a huge success, there were even news cameras there...but we haven't seen if anything was aired yet (at least nothing was aired during the football, on the football channel).

I rallied a rogue band of scientists to plant trees too. [Sara has helped out with a LOT of science was only fair]. Here is a picture of J, Y and I. I believe the language barrier helped a lot in getting a commitment out of Y...

The weather was pretty bad, it stopped raining just long enough to gear up and rain harder...we all went back to the the lab soaked to the core.

Not to brag, but... Our group of three planted 6.6% of the trees that day, while being only a mere 3.5% of the volunteer crowd. yeah...pretty bad ass, I know.

Myself? Well, with all the sciency outreach/networking/board stuff I have been doing lately, I think my head is going to explode. But hopefully, not before thanksgiving... when we have 17 wayward lesbians coming to dinner.

Have you seen our house?

Its small. Very small.

But, yes, you should know by now... I have a plan. It includes a color-coordinated diagram, a seating chart and a disposable feature for when its clear things are out of control anyway. That element is the key to successful party!


Amanda R. said...

Ha! Wayward lesbians! You make me laugh. Enjoy your soggy, superior holiday, ladies!

weese said...

hmm, how does one plant .6 of a tree.
i am surprised you are not having 17.3 wayward lesbians over.
(i am also wondering how far away i need to move from my family so i can go to a wayward lesbian party)

Emphatik said...

You ladies are just too cute. I am glad that you have a thanksgiving exit strategy if things get too hairy!

Nick said...

Ok, hoping very hard that the numbers of volunteers and trees were both integers, I'm guessing that there were 86 volunteers, 91 trees got planted, and the three of you did six of them. Am I right?

Is the disposable feature of your plan that it can be thrown away, or do you mean that you have a way to dispose of guests when they are out of control?

Jen said...

AR-Too bad you moved away from superiority-land! I know you are jealous!

Weese - Have your family come for dinner on Saturday...did I mention the second Turkey dinner I am making Saturday?

Em - Its more of a mental exit the OCB doesn't take over.

Nick - Oh so close... 45 trees, we planted 3. And the disposable part...heh, heh, heh...shhhhhh.

val said...

Sara - I'm impressed!
Jen - I'm bummed I'm missing out on an opportunity to be the token straight gal (TSG) for Tgiving AND missing out on colored seating charts and disposible exit strategies. Have fun anyway!

sageweb said...

I am hosting all the wayward lesbos this year too..but not 17. I dont have a plan I never do...but things always work out. Good luck

Nick said...


3/45 = 0.06666... which is properly report by rounding UP to 0.067 or 6.7%.


Grumpy Granny said...

I'm sure the "wayward lesbians" are all very thankful to have your house to come to. I know I would be! I have no doubt that the feast will be superior in every way!

And fun as well, of course.

I look forward to seeing the pictures. There MUST be picture, right?


roro said...

Hahahahaa! 6.6% IS totally bad-ass! You're hilarious. Hope you and the 17 wayward lesbians had a fabulous feast!!