Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scary fun!

Being the classy chicks that we are...

these are what we brought to the swanky pre-Hallows Eve Pumpkin Martini Happy Hour that our condo neighbors hosted. I think they were really impressed with our skills...and definitely impressed with our maturity.
This weekend was L and Jen girls weekend, Sara stayed home and was a swinging bachelor... She really did it up right! But that is a story I will let her tell you...when she isn't so busy.

L and I stayed at Skamania Lodge (with the Army recruiter conference attendees). We had pedicures, delicous (and copious amounts of) seafood, hiked up and around Beacon rock... enjoy amazing views... massages, and watched movies. Love of Arnie is something we the movies this weekend included Commando, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer and Predator. We didn't get to Predator this trip, and did sneak in one girly movie ... It can't be all Arnie, all the time...not when massages, pedicures and hot tubbing is involved.

We ended the weekend with breakfast at Cafe Venus in Stevenson (I thought Sara would appreciate the A.M. Burgers on the menu) and followed it up with shopping at the Outlet mall.

It was a blast, exactly what I needed. Nothing like a good friend to make you feel like you are in the right place and the right time in the world!

And I came home to all the grocery shopping and menu planning done for the week AND Ms. Sara is in the kitchen right now cooking me dinner...

...I know, I'm spoiled.
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e said...

Great weekend! You could say spoiled, but since you know it and appreciate it, you're not spoiled ~ you're lucky!

sageweb said...

LOve your mummy wienies!
Wow that place looks amazing..what a lucky girl to have a relaxing weekend.

Grumpy Granny said...

I'm kind of afraid to ask what they are. They look like pigs in a blanket on steroids!

Scenery photos are lovely, as usual!

Wishing you a great holiday season!


Jerr Dunlap said...

Beacon Rock... rocks! Terrific views! Love the old railing. I always wonder about the bulges in them: Did anyone really topple over at that point? I'm enjoying your blog and looking forward to following it.
- Jerr