Monday, January 18, 2010

Ticket to Heaven

If there is a heaven, this annual pruning job might just help get us least put us under consideration for entry anyway.

This is deal: 8 fruit trees, 3 ladders, 2 sets of tools, 2 girls, 500 miles round trip, and one 86 year old fire cracker/role model.

Known to us as Mom B, she lives on about 8 acres and grows veggies and fruits of all kinds. She bowls twice a week, square dances once a week and tells it like it is.

Sara got this gig when Mom B was ready to give up trying to hire someone to prune her fruit trees. She would make arrangements only to have the pruner A. Not show up B. Start and not finish and/or C. Just never return her calls. This frustrated her to no end.There are very few things around the farm that she cannot take care of herself. Did I mention she only has one hand? Not that she hasn't probably pruned all those trees herself before...but if she did it now, we would KNOW she had been up on the orchard 86...with a bit of vertigo...unaccompanied. And even she would have to admit that that wouldn't be the best idea.

So, year 6 (7?) of pruning Mom B's trees...we left Seattle during a BEAUTIFUL sunset...

Made a stop at VooDoo Donuts, which I have had yearning for since RoRo and Katr posted about these delectable treats. (Yes, Sara got the Bacon Maple Bar)
Started pruning by 8am Saturday and had our fastest year EVER!

Maybe our record time was due to the fact that Sara is an excellent crew chief...when she isn't watching football inside with Mom B.
Or it could be because my rain pants and boots were a pain to get off, so I refused to take a break unless it was lunch time.

Or maybe because we had a few hours of help out there, nothing like a third every once in a while to invigorate the pruning rhythm!

Who knows why. But we were done by Sunday night for the first time ever! We turned what has typically been a 20 hour job for two people into a 16 hour job!

Is it obvious? I LOVE this job. Its the one time of the year I remind myself that I CAN do 'real' work...the kind that makes you physically tired, not just mentally exhausted. And we get to visit with all of our Oregon homies.

Good times all around....can't wait to try to beat this record next year!


weese said...

please come here
we have LOTS of trees

e said...

What?! You were in Oregon and you didn't call?!?!

VooDoo is good... the bacon maple bar is my personal fave. T likes the cake donut adorned with Froot Loops.

Mom B sounds like a righteous babe. Tell us more Mom B stuff, eh?

jesse said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun! I am seriously impressed with getting that all done in 16 hours. And I will certainly ask you more about this Mom B over an upcoming beer.

Jen said...

Weese - When we come east next, we will bring our pruners! Be ready with a ice cold limoncello!

E - PDX/Oregon is fraught with family...we rarely have time for just plain fun! But one of these visits we will MAKE plans for fun!

Jesse - And we are seriously looking forward that beer! (I know GREG is jealous!)