Monday, February 15, 2010


Spent the weekend on the Oly Pen with friends. We stayed at (another) Forest Service built residence, Louella Cabin. By far the best deals going... we are hooked on these cushy portals to adventure!

Quaint and Quiet.

No running water, but a clean outhouse, electricity and a faux fireplace to keep us warm. We did some hiking, shopping, splicing, reading, gaming, cooking and chatting. A relaxing time away from the city buzz.

Took a few they are.

I wish I could re-orient and post the video I took of those girls walking. Funny stuff! I must make a note to video only in landscape orientation!

And back to a short work week...nice!


Jen said...

I love your pictures! Looks like so much fun. I wanna go!

e said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time. Oemleria are blooming here too!

What is Sara splicing?

sageweb said...

A shot of the wallpaper and Sara's pj bottoms together would have been nice.

Syd said...

Your weekend adventures are always so scenic.

jesse said...

Amazing photos! It really impresses me, like really, really, that you two are really, really, seemingly, constantly (having) so much fun.

Good for you!