Monday, February 01, 2010

Is it the moon?

Or is it simply because I love the opportunity to eat crap for dinner when Sara leaves me unattended?

This evenings bachelor fare is artichoke dip, and a Ding Dong.

To my credit, dinner was proceeded by happy hour edamame and a beer...both of which can be considered vegetables.

And the irony? One of my chores this evening to cook Creole shrimp with the amazing scampi we picked up this weekend. It looks and smells terrific...but better than a Ding Dong?

I think not.


greg said...

I haven't had a ding dong in years and mmm do I want one now. Oh and artichoke dip? Delicious. I think you did just fine.

Syd said...

Last time Karlene was gone, I had chips and salsa (and a beer) for brunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

I'll have to add Ding Dongs to my shopping list.

roro said...

I'm totally the same way when Kate is away - even if she's gone for just a few hours, I'll suddenly have weird cravings for completely asstastic foods, like that shitty cheese flavoured popcorn and strawberry soda.

I have never had a ding dong.

jesse said...

Including the beer and edamame I think you hit up every food group. We will have to put 'ding dong' in the fruit category but that doesn't seem so impossible, does it? (Violet would cry if she saw this comment)

scott said...

You weren't dipping the ding dong, I hope?

Jen said...

greg + Syd - Ding dongs are one of those things...once you remember they exist you have to try them out again.

roro - I speak Canadian too... King Dons ring any bells?

Jesse - Ding dong = fruit, I concur. (Lets not tell Sara about this meal either, ok?)

Scott - Thankfully, I have not sunk to that binging low yet. I will surely blog about it if (or when) I do.

[Binge + ing = binging, AND Bing + ing = binging? Maybe Bing isn't supposed to be -inged.]