Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cheery Cherry Cheery

Friday after work, we doubled-up on fun with happy hour with a gay friend, followed by dinner with the straight neighbors. The straight neighbors made corned beef and cabbage. I love them for it.

They call us 'the neat neighbors'.

Not as in 'Neat-o!' but neat as in tidy. It fits.

Saturday we went for a jiggity jog around Green lake, after which Sara put her motorcycle up for sale on Craigslist.

One nibble, but no takers. Anyone want to buy a motorcycle... its a gorgeous bike, and a total chick magnet!

Then we went to campus... to just hang out.

Who ever heard of going to your workplace, just to sit around and play scrabble?

Well, the cherry trees are blooming and the weather was beautiful. Word is these events coincide only about once every 7 years.

We laid out a blanket...

...admired the blooms....

....Em came with us....and she won at scrabble. Sara does not want to invite her next time... too much competition.
Lazy day at home today, cooking mostly. Also, I have been dealing with a lot of this person lately ....sigh. It will all be better in a month.

Head down, forge ahead, break for flowers and beer. Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

My oh my am I a sucker for sweet ride like that. That's a beauty.

Nick said...

Don't tell Ashley about the motorcycle. Seriously. Please.

frank said...

Beautiful photos of a pleasant Spring day. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies - The Cherry Blossoms. Converting that bike to a 24' sailboat seems like a great idea.

sageweb said...

Nice bike, great that UW? looks very familiar.

Syd said...

Oh, the picture of that bike made my heart hurt. It looks exactly like the one I sold last year.

weese said... should bring me to the park - I would lose at scrabble. :)

e said...

It was a gorgeous day! We had the same rare combo of cherry blossoms and sunshine ~ got to get out in it when it happens. Rainy today...

The risotto sounds fantastic!

Grumpy Granny said...

How goes the job search?

I think we have to go to the pub this coming week in your honor!