Sunday, March 14, 2010

New (old) furniture and a Pi Day Hike.

A few weeks ago we had breakfast with a blogger friend here, while we were in the neighborhood to buy a new (old) chair. I promised to post a pic of the purchase.

I know. Not everyone LOVES this style. Our neighbor Scott did little to hide his amusement about the purchase. But once you meet us and hang out in our swanky digs, you will realize it fits perfectly.

And today, instead of laying low like I thought I wanted to, we hiked Mount Si. I think this was a particularly appropriate hike, because today is also Pi Day. And even though I didn't make pie (we made brownies instead), Si sounds similar to Pi and therefore honors Pi day in a way only a outdoor-loving nerd girl can.

There was snow from mile 3 to the top...we are rugged adventurers!

Mt. Rainier looks gorgeous on Pi Day.

Can you see Bellevue, Lake Washington, Seattle, the sound and the Olympics??? Wow!

We deemed this hike as 'unpleasant'. 4 miles with a 3700 feet elevation steep up, only to turn around to steep down. Very little level relief. But now we have done it and can cross off one more thing on the list of definitive Seattle experiences.

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Jen said...

Pics are amazing as usual! I want to come out and visit. Looks like so much fun.

e said...

Happy Pi day, indeed! Damn, you girls are beyond adventurous... intrepid, willing, valiant, tough.

Glad we've got some snow pack up there. Mt Hood and St Helens just picked up an extra layer. Hopefully defusing the talk of drought we are always subject to in early Spring.

sageweb said...

so were you surprised that when climbing a steep hill up, that it would be steep down?

great pics of my homeland!

Jen said...

Jen - Yes. the PNW is superior to all other Pacific regions.

e - you forgot witty, stunning and humble.

sage - you are a smart arse...but I think we covered that already.

Zelda said...

I love love love that chair. Love!

Alan said...

So that's what happened to that ugly chair my mom bought in 1963.

greymatters said...

I am pea-green with envy over your Pi Day hike ... how gorgeous. Dayum.

The chair is pretty damned cool, too.

roro said...

I LOVE THE CHAIR! It looks so comfy. Once again, my hat is off to you girls on that hike. It looks like my worst nightmare - as usual.

We celebrated Pi day with brownies too! Special brownies...that did not help us with math.