Saturday, May 15, 2010

As(s) you were.... backside is back to normal. Thanks for all your concern!

We have just returned from two packed weeks. Starting with organizing an Early Mothers Day Brunch in PDX for our grandmas (Sara's two and my one), and our moms. Lovely time! No pictures, but here is a belated mother's day something for everyone. [It makes my heart swell with pride...I don't know why. Maybe because this kid hails from Corvallis]

Then it was off to Sara's training in Eastern Washington. She is now certified in Tree Risk Assessment. Especially so, since during her class there was a wind storm and the whole class was witness to the canopy in the park outside their window coming down in chunks. Apropos. And while on the east side of WA we stopped by Atomic Ale Brewpub for a sampler. The consensus was 'meh'.

Finally, we were off to Central Oregon! Sara's sister's family recently relocated close to our favorite vacation site. So we relaxed, visited and did a little cabin maintenance (since we stay for free, we HAVE to contribute somehow, right?).

One of our vacation goals was to visit the four new (to us) Bend breweries. We made it to three: Silver Moon Brewing, Cascade Lakes Brewery and 10 Barrel Brewery. The favorite, by a landslide, was 10 Barrel Brewery. Their S1nistor Black Ale may be my new number one beer... I wish we had taken home a growler.

The highlight was canoeing to SunRiver. We loaded up the bikes so we could bike around before floating back home. Serious fun and we looked so cool paddling around the river with our bikes aboard.
The Word Wars continue. We played 8 scrabble games... we both lost one game by over 100 points. At least the pain was mutual.

The pics are here. One might think Sara did all the work after looking at the pics... but I cleaned gutters, hauled wood, burned, spent time under the sink and cleaned up outside after Sara. I just need to figure out how to get Sara to stop long enough to document it.

Back to the job hunt... and as it turns out the back-up job fell through, so I am officially unemployed. Don't worry, I am over the panic, and comfortably into the looking phase... at least that is how I feel right now, ask me in two minutes if I am still not panicking, it may be a different story (winky emoticon).


Nick said...

Just so everyone knows, the bikes in the canoe idea is SO my idea. We did it back in 2007. Plus, I sent you the mother's day song link. Not that I feel I need the validation or anything. Just saying.

Jen said...

What?! No way little brother! Where is the photo evidence?

e said...

Wow! The bikes in the canoe ~ i don't care who came up with it, it's pretty damn intrepid!

Looks like a whole lotta fun. Gosh, that cabin is like a tardis; much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. The cutie pie niece must love that.

All that sunshine... so tempting to move to the east side of the Cascades. Sigh.

(Glad your nether region is recovered.)

Syd said...

But can you sit on a bike while it's in the canoe and paddle? Now THAT, I want video of.

Nick said...

Stand by for massive amphi-biking photo dump at a blog near you.

Nick said...

Same canoe, same bikes, three years earlier.

I think you've already seen this picture somewhere and just remembered it subconciously.

frank said...

when I was young would tie the canoe between two bikes and ride to the head waters of the Deschutes and float home with the bikes in the canoe.

greg said...

The bikes look so cool on the canoe (no matter who thought of it first). :)

Glad your backside is healed!

frank said...

it is, really, a very nice photo...

Catie said...

I'm not sure why I NEVER thought to put the bikes in a the canoe!! Amazing. Such a good idea. Jen, I'm glad your butt is ok.

PS your niece is a cutie!

Jen said...

E - We felt pretty bad arse with the bikes in the canoe.

Syd - The way I see we have to extra seats in the canoe now, for you and K!

Greg - Despite the brothers photographic evidence, let it be know that I am still convinced it was my idea. I am older.

Catie - my butt thanks you for your well wishes!

Franko - Thanks Dad!

Nick - Did you use fancy fancy knots? I doubt it.... we are superior when it comes to knots.