Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gay Camping 2010

It was supposed to be 'Big Gay Camping Trip 2010' but attendees were dropping like flies with various illnesses the day before we were supposed to hit the trail.

So it ended up being the first solo trip of the season and, of course we made the best of it!

Just an overnight trip this time. We went back to Ingalls Creek, were we had a significant adventure last year! This trip was mostly a pleasant walk in the woods, save the long uphill climb.

Tons (TONS!) of wildflowers...Yes, I bored you with picture after picture of flowers in the album, but I did save them for the end, so when you hit flowers, there won't be anything but flowers to come (well, maybe a mushroom and some moss).

The real update? I am still job hunting. I (un?)fortunately LOVE my intern (read: volunteer) position more than any other job I have ever had...yes, I am angling to make myself invaluable at this organization. Not to mention charming and an overall delight.... keep your fingers crossed for me. Creating positions is not unheard of there!

Sara is great. What else can I say? She loves her job, she has a bunch of projects going and still makes time to have all sorts of fun with me.

So, there we are... planning the NEXT hiking trip, hoping the sickies can join us and gearing up for a wild and crazy pride weekend!

As you were.


e said...

Good luck with the J.O.B. scheme. I think it could work!

Hey, are you coming down here for Pride or is Seattle the same weekend?

weese said...

so was still a 'gay' camping trip. just not so 'big'


Grumpy Granny said...

May I say that I just ADORE your photography!


frank said...

Great photos. A nice souvenir of what sounds like a very nice trip.