Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mt. Baker: 3, Sara and Jen: 0

Well, we are at it again! The fun, I mean.

We hiked up to Round Lake a couple weeks ago.

The guide book promised views of nearly 10 peaks on the way… this was meant to make the 4000 foot elevation climb worth the stunning mountain views.

Cue the fog.

Whenever we hike where we should see the elusive Mt. Baker, it shrouds itself in a coat of cloud. This includes day hiking, backpacking and snow shoeing ON the actual mountain… all with out ever seeing the peak.

Regardless, the hike was a treat. We stopped frequently to gasp in awe at the views we felt we should be seeing. And we saw an owl. He appeared to be waiting for the clouds to clear too.

The payoff was Round Lake.

Look! Look how round it is!!!!

To give you an idea of scale, there is a small patch of whitish in the dirt patch just inland of where the logs jut out into the lake…that is a tent. It’s actually a camp with two tents. Yeah, I know bigger than it looks, this little lake.

Then we finally managed to hook up with some of Sara’s friends for an afternoon sail. This ended a great day for me, I left work at 11, met a friend downtown for lunch, came back to the hood for a massage, after which I picked up beer and sammies to take sailing.

AND, you may note, I said work. Yes, gentle readers; I am (temporarily) gainfully employed.

A temp (6mos) position opened up at the place I have been interning (Freeterning) and I didn’t apply for it because... Well, they wanted an Engineer. However, they asked me to apply, I interviewed on Monday and they pushed everything through to hire me as of Wednesday!

Yes, I told them I had plans I wasn’t going to change for Wednesday afternoon and that Thursday might be a better start day. But they felt, since I had been working two months for free, that it was a little something to give back.

Did I already mention… I love this job! Keep your fingers crossed that they can extend or have me go perm at the end of 6 months. In the meantime, I am having a ball figuring all this new stuff out!

Ok, onto the sailing shots…

Captain Sara

Elliot Bay tour… jealous? That is the SPACE needle! It nearly pierces SPACE!

Wildfires make for lovely sunsets!

Pictures… you know the drill.


greg said...

That first picture of the trees is so beautiful.

Congratulations on the job!! My fingers are crossed that it turns into something more permanent for you.

frank said...

the first one...

e said...

Have I mentioned a time or twenty how effing intrepid you two are? Fantastic pix, fantastic scenery.

Good going on the job front! All of that free work will now pay off! Hey, biologist or engineer, whatever! Fingers definitely crossed.

Alan said...

Nice sail boat. Yours?