Sunday, September 12, 2010

(Not so) Brief update...

I am in the running for Partner of the YEAR. This month I have attended three events as dutiful spouse, to include Ms. Sara's 20 year reunion AND her family camping weekend.

Family camping weekend was at the beach and the family (all 25+ of them) are fun, laid back and experienced campground campers. Plus there was hiking, beach sunsets and Sara caught me some delicious bass (bonus points if you know what movie the last part of that sentence is from)

And the niece was there.... when she wasn't pushing her little pink wheelbarrow around the campground, she was digging in the sand. She will either be an engineer or a construction worker...either way, she is going to be a gorgeous bad ass.
Labor day weekend we took some "novice" campers out into the woods. They were plenty experienced, a nice treat for us. And, we only had to hike through a little hail and rain on the way out... we had plenty of warning it was coming, thanks to the storm alarm on Sara's watch.

This weekend was spa weekend with M from Cali. We have been experiencing as much of Seattle fun and food as we can in the short time she is here.

We had a particularly exceptional dinner at Hunger (in Fremont). We ordered three dishes and rotated plates until the meals were gone, so we could sample as much of the menu as possible. Then, we did the same thing with dessert. All this accompanied by some exceptional cocktails and port/sweet vermouth. Bliss. We have also had Paseo sandwiches, lunch on the waterfront, are watching football and are headed out to Indian/Himalayan tonight.

In other news, our condo is getting new siding and windows, so we are under wraps with scaffolding covering 2 of our 4 windows. Thankfully the weather has been mostly crappy, so we aren't missing much.

Happy Birthday to Grandma today! She is 83 or 4...after 80, I tend to move tracking to decades.

And Happy Domestication to us. We have been domesticated for 2 years now...maybe 3. I am not good with dates. However, I do know that we are officially each other longest relationship, having successfully passed the 5.5 years together mark.

As an anniversary gift for Sara, I did diligence on the Patagucci coat embarrassment.

The back story: Sara bought one, I liked it and bought one in a different color. Not different enough apparently.

After about a thousand comments like "you have the same coat, you silly lesbians!", I have fixed it by getting Sara a new Patagucci down coat for our anniversary. I woke her at 3:30am this morning to give it too her. Most of you are cringing. But this is how it went down:

Jen (whispering, after she pulled out Sara's earplug): Sara.. Its our anniversary
Sara (without moving or opening her eyes): Happy anniversary!!!
Jen: I got you a present
Sara: Give it to me!

The gift was opened, tried on, and tossed on the floor. Earplugs restored to their proper ear holes and we went back to sleep for 4 hours. We are truly a pair.

Wow. This got long. And it doesn't include half the stuff M and Sara have been yelling at me to include from the living room... where they are planted in front of the big screen, drinking post-bloody-mary beers, watching football.


Salty Sea Port and Buzzy Air Port said...

Napolean Dynamite! Do I win? Did I spell it right?

roro said...

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!! Love the pictures from the camping. Kate is also very sensitive about us having clothes that look similar. I don't understand why she doesn't want us to look like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum every time we go out...

Maya said...

Love your update. Happy anniversary, you two. You are made for each other - you know I would never be delighted to wake up from a deep sleep in early morning, even for an awesome present. That Sara was, to me, speaks of true love.
Love your photos too - as always.

Grumpy Granny said...

I'm just giggling about the anniversary gift. That's exactly how G would give me something, too, except today (our 8-year anniversary) she came home with roses and 2, count 'em TWO, Honey-Baked Ham bones! Guess what I'll be making for dinner?? LOL

Happy Anniversary to the two of you. We will raise a glass to you next time we are at the Shamrock Pub!!


jesse said...

Hey! That's me!... well, my backside... following Violet's backside while she follow's Sara's backside.

Thanks for the kudos on the non-novice part, but let's be real, we might have died without you. We certainly wouldn't have had a tin cup for coffee- that alone could have done me in.

And really, thank god for Sara's weather watch! What if it hadn't warned us of the hail to come, and then it just started hailing and we didn't know it was going to... then what!?

That was a fabulous time. Thanks again.

LilliGirl said...

Happy Anniversary...You guys rock and I hope you do long enough to move into decades (think eightyish) :)