Monday, November 08, 2010

For the faithful...

Pardon our negligence...We are (still having) so much fun!
We really must do better. We must remember those at home, for whom our modest little blog adds a ray of sunshine. We must chronicle the fun, thinking of those who might be enduring fun-redefining obligations, such as, say... motherhood?

We hereby make the commitment to provide timely updates of our merriment. Mark these words, there will be more blogging! Maybe with fewer words, but definitely with more posts and pictures.

Starting with our first gay wedding! This pic isn't actually of the wedding, but time was short and our duty was to party down with the brides. Which we did. It was a lovely wedding for lovely people and we also got a chance to catch up with peeps from down south (and by 'south' we mean central Oregon).

Sometime between then and now, we did some hiking.

Silver peak was spectacular and we caught it after a light snow.

And Rattlesnake Ridge was a fun little hike, close to home. A nice way to stretch our legs on a horrible football weekend.

Which reminds me, Church services are going strong. The congregation multiplies and grows more saucy and jovial with each passing week.

We are lucky girls.

And finally, Ms. Sara had a Birthday. She is older, wiser, funnier, sexier and stronger than I have ever known her.

I am a lucky girl.


e said...

!Por fin!

Glad you two are (still having) all the fun!

Nice pix, as usual...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Sara!

I love the picture of the flowers - so vibrant.

Thanks for checking in!

Salty Sea Port and Buzzy Air Port said...

More fun stuff!

Michelle said...

I have been stalking your blog for quite some time (via dr. brokeback a way long time ago). I was really starting to think you really weren't that fun after all. Thanks for restoring my faith in all things fun.