Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow much fun!

We started out the Gobble Gobble with the Turkey Trot this year...I am fairly certain we won. I could prove it, but it wasn't a timed race.

Next year, I will make sure we can provide evidence of our win...for now, here we are at the finish. Can you tell I am wondering if I bought enough butter?

Big Gay Thanksgiving (for Wayward Lesbians) was, again, a smashing success. My new favorite tradition! By the end of the evening, we had averaged nearly one bottle of wine per person. Thank goodness we had started at 2pm! A shout out to some of our favorite blogger attendees for the delicious wine!

Last weekend, we tried out our new sled in the snow. There might have been a little too much picture taking early on...we didn't make the final destination, but enjoyed the views along the way.

Pictures are posted here for your viewing pleasure.

In other big news, we have a sleeper sofa now. After our snowshoe adventures, Sara invited me over for a sleep over in the living room. We watched movies in bed, ate ice cream and stayed up way too late! Good times! We might just do it again this weekend!


frank said...

Reminds me of the trip over Tumulo Mountain when you were maybe 12 with Bob and Martha.

Momica said...

I am so excited about my new bed!!

Syd said...

Good to know you biatches are still having fun. Impressive wine intake. For realz!

J at said...

Gorgeous photos!