Saturday, March 12, 2011

A trip back in time...

Because the pictures loaded onto the page in the reverse order. I know, rookie blogger mistake. (I could blame this on Sara because I am (Jen) writing this post from her account....but my birthday is coming up and one of you would likely rat me out and I don't want to compromise my 'best spouse ever' status)

Last weekend was winter Gaycation 2011. We rented a house that we could ski/snowshoe/sled/sauna right outside our front door. It was fan-feckin'-tastic! The whole crew is ready to plan for next year!

Even the faithful companions had a blast...I see play dates in their futures.

We had a visitor, thus got to be tourists in our own city. I always love seeing friends from a far and showing them our Seattle!

To continue to reserve our place on the 'nice' list, we traveled south to prune trees again. Record speed this time! It was the constant rain we found extra motivating!

Superbowl party IV was a hit! The beer was fabulous, the prizes were awesome and we ran at max capacity the whole day! Homemade corndogs this year, so I could mix it up...beef, veg, cheese infused and chicken mini-sausages in puff pastry that I dubbed Hens in a Duvet. A class act!

I am coasting into my birthday. Well, 'coasting' is the wrong word. Hm... panicking? Hyperventilating? Denying? Anticipating? Fretting over? I can't put my finger on it.

More musings as 40 fast approaches....


e said...

Glad to see that you girls are still (having) so much fun!

I think I recognize the clouds from your pruning picture. Ugh. Tired of them.

Hey, Jen, the 40's are an awesome decade. The best yet!

Oh, one more thing... when are we getting that post about splicing?

J at said...

Looks like you've been having a blast. :)

40s have been mixed for me, but mostly good. There's plenty of us out here forging the way, at least.