Saturday, September 10, 2011

The highlights of the day

Redeye arrival at 9:30am, and straight to breakfast, shopping, CMU tour, conservatory, beer store before a rest.

And really, how much rest does a one year old allow you?

Our first BYOB to the restaurant experience... Dry town in a non-dry county, weird all around!


Jen said...

You're in Pittsburgh!!! We're only about 2.5 hours from there, I wish we woulda known... could have met for dinner or something :) Have a great time!!!

J at said...

I remember BYOB when we lived in Philly. It was great if you were prepared, because you could save a lot of money that way. Our favorite place would take your wine and keep it chilled for you, while you went across the street to the bar to wait for your table to be ready. Then they'd come get you, and serve the wine and everything. Weird rules, how they can store it for you, and serve it to you, but not sell it. Those wacky Quakers, maybe.