Saturday, October 08, 2011


 Just a quick post to share what a great time we had in Gay Ol' Provincetown! It was East meets West, with three current Seattlites meeting up with three former Seattlites. Fabulous!

 We all stayed here. Cute as a button!

Sara and I got gay married rings, so women will stop hitting on her in the bar.

 We almost walked all the way out on this thing...but it was far and my shoes were too cute.

This is only one of the 7 or 8 totally awesome group photos, which include themes such as "Charlie's Angels", "Afield with the sheep", Tea-bagging disco balls", "Shrimp on the Barbie", "Superman" and of course, "Smiling sweetly".

My life has been busy, in a good way. Lots of fun on the weekends, lots of professional association duties during the week and I (still) LOVE. MY. NEW. JOB!

Also, I am really into quiche right now.

Over and out lovies!


e said...

Wow! What an amazing time! Awesome picture!

And, just for the record, I wasn't hitting on either of you... although you are both lovely and adorable and hit-on-able. Just sayin'.


weese said...

auughhh -- we just missed you!
we are driving out on tuesday!

DB said...

Sounds like fun. How were the accommodations? We stayed in a B&B that came highly recommended. The innkeepers behavior lacked class and hospitality though I did enjoy breakfast with the other tenants.

How do you guys find these folks willing to meet you halfway across the country? I think I would like to do this some day.

J at said...

I want the biceps of the girl in the blue up front, but I don't want to do the work that goes with such biceps. Such is life.

Sounds like you had a great time. :) Love the rings.

msalsop said...

Jen-I need your address and can't seem to find another way to reach you. Do you have my email or can you get to my blog? I'll check back here tomorrow in case we can't connect some other way. Becky and Brad