Saturday, February 04, 2012

Breaking the silence!

Hello again! Instead of trying to catch up on all the adventures we have had since my last check in, I will just update you with the fire lookout trip we took this year.

Wisely, we sought a lookout that would provide us with assurances, after last years too-close-for-comfort hike out. This lookout lacked solitude (in a sno-park with groomed snomobile trails) but we were ok with that....

Not a lot of snow on the way in, and a rain storm coming...

Cozy accomodations, an actual woodstove allowed us to get it warm enough for some sports bra and boxer short warm yoga (thank you iphone app and solar charger).

The wildflife was bold.

Views were amazing after the rain... and then came the snow storm.

And everything just go more beautiful.

Our neighbor to the north

Saying goodbye.

Have we really become these backpackers? The Economist?

An amazing trip, it rained heavily for the first couple days, resulting in nearly no snow, so no visitors. The the snow storm moved in and dropped 12-14 inches (nothing compared to the 32+ in our previous adventure) and made everything amazingly beautiful.

There was really only one hiccup this time (there is always something, right?)... the party before us had the stomach flu... so there was a little cleaning to do when we arrived. I won't elaborate, it probably isn't as bad as you are imagining. And we escaped the same fate, never even getting a twinge of anything.

Maybe I will update more later, but suffice it to say, things are great. I love love love my job. I still feel so fortunate to have been hired. Sara's work is great too, the kitchen remodel is getting underway and last nights craft project was a kegerator for the high holy day tomorrow.

I am off to clean, but glad to let you all know, I have been thinking about you!
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e said...

The grrls are still having so much fun!!! Yay! Hey, is that the back side of my mountain? Some of the large pointy ones look alike...

Tell Sara that I'm still waiting for that blog post on splicing...


roro said...

Yay! So glad all is going well for you two lovelies. Amazing photos as always - am jealous of the snow!