Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hard at work

We have been neglecting the blog, but being industrious. Deep into a kitchen remodel.... evidence is below. We are on phase 5: Countertop installation. We did all the design, demolition, cabinet assembly and installation. The electrician installed new lights, and we are waiting the countertop template and install.

Goodbye 1988 particle board cabinets... you sucked.

Hello first installment of IKEA cabinets... we are among the IKEA kitchen millions now.

Goodbye odd non-load bearing wall, you were weird and in the way.

New stove, I love you, but still have no idea how to cook on you yet. Its ok, my sink is gone and I won't be cooking at all for a while. Lets make up later.

I feel a pictoral update coming on.... stay tuned!
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Anonymous said...

Great job! I am loving the new stove. We're looking to remodel our kitchen also...but with some serious outside help. :)

e said...

Wow! The intrepid women remain intrepid! Good for youse! Looks a million times better already.

weese said...

bravo... you know how i love remodeling pics.
carry on!

J at said...

Gah, the particle board cupboards. Ours are circa 1978 or so, and I truly, truly hate them. No money in the budget right now for a remodel, but I'm living vicariously through you. You rock!